About Us

It’s all about the food and the community of people who enjoy it.

Everything fresh and homemade; bread that is made in house daily, homemade ice cream (made in small batches with all added cookies, fudge, etc. made from scratch), fresh local fish, hand cut fries, homemade sodas . . . nothing processed or artificial.

Humboldt County is an amazing place to live and raise a family; we are so blessed to live in this special place.


We are committed to CAFF’s (Community Alliance of Family Farmers) 
”Buy Fresh Buy Local” campaign, which strengthens our local community, protects the environment, safe guards your families’ health; and with exceptional taste.

We are loving it here in Humboldt County and it is very rewarding knowing where the food we serve comes from:

  • Knowing that the farmers at Humboldt Grass Fed Beef have raised the cattle without hormones or antibiotics while being able to graze naturally on perennial grasslands.
  • Sharing in Deep Seeded Community Farm’s CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and personally knowing our farmer Eddie Tanner, the caring and passion he has for providing us with top quality, ultra fresh seasonal produce.
  • I and I Farms; Ino Riley and crew work hard to provide us organic spring mix and yummy potatoes.
  • Clover’s Organic Milk and Cream is used in making our homemade ice cream.
  • Our local wines: Moonstone Crossing
  • Cap’n Zach’s Crab House
  • Tofu Shop Specialty Foods
  • Southside Mike’s BBQ sauce
  • Mad River Farms
  • Tofu Shop Tofu
  • Muddy Waters Coffee
  • Our local beer: Redwood Curtain & Mad River Beer
  • Fish Brothers Salmon and Smoked Albacore Tuna

Thanks to all of the dedicated, local, small businesses that we partner with; buying and serving local products is nourishment for our soul, as well as our community.

In the end, it’s all about the food and the community of people who enjoy it.

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